Thursday, 04 June 2020

Com Jasbir Singh was the President of Haryana State Committee of SFI. He was born on 10th April 1964 in a farmer family in village Pelpa Jhajjar district Haryana. Com Jasbir was meritorious student and completed his BSc degree with a first division in 1985. He was a brilliant student of MA (Economics) in the Kurukshetra University and stood second in the University. He was brutally stabbed to death by the anti-social elements of the Lok Dal led by the Haryana Chhatra Sabha on the 23rd of October 1986. Com Jasbir was a beloved leader of the students and quite popular among the entire academic community. He worked diligently to strengthen our organisation in the Kurukshetra University and also expand it to the entire state of Haryana. The growing activities and strength of the organisation were as threat to the communal, casteist and muscle-based organisation. The group involved in the murder of Com Jasbir's murder was spreading the communal virus by campaigning against the Sikhs and the Punjab Accord. The SFI opposed them firmly and as able to expose their divisive designs before the entire student community and retain their trust. Under the leadership of Com Jasbir, SFI won the student union elections in 1985 and the post of General Secretary in 1986 and lost the post of President due to the toss of coin after a tie. There was a tie in the Council too that made the Chhatra Sabha leaders, who were unable to get their budget passed in it, desperate. They have stepped up their physical attacks on the leaders of SFI and decided to eliminate them. Repeated demands to arrest the goondas and anti-social elements who were indulging in such attacks fell on deaf ears of the administration and the police. Com Jasbir played a key role in organising the protests against these attacks and also keeping up the morale of the students in the spate of these physical attacks. Realising the prominent role played by Com Jasbir as a hindrance to their nefarious designs the Chhatra Sabha hoodlums decided to eliminate him. On the 23rd October, when Com Jasbir was taking tea in the Narhari Hostel Canteen along with Dr Sumer Singh, a state committee member, at about 2 PM, 12 goondas of the Chhatra Sabha stormed into the canteen and attacked them with knives and swords. Com Jasbir was fatally stabbed on his chest and died on the spot.